Campbell River, BC, partners with SOS 4 Kids

The City of Campbell River, British Columbia, has partnered with SOS 4 Kids to bring valuable safety programs to children in local communities.  Beginning September 2017, the Department of Parks and Recreation will offer My Safe Life for children 7-9 years old and Home Alone Safety for Kids aged 9 – 12.  We are thrilled that Campbell River is joining with SOS 4 Kids and it’s network of over 70 program partners throughout Canada to help children learn to make safer life choices.

Campbell River or Wiwek̓a̱m is a coastal city in British Columbia on the east coast of Vancouver Island.  Campbell River has a population of 35,138 and has long been touted as “the Salmon Capital of the World”.

My Safe Life is a personal safety program designed for children 7 – 10 years. Traditional gaming, digital media, video, role play and repetition are used to educate and engage children in a fun and interactive manner. Children learn life skills that empower them to make safe, caring and respectful decisions in their everyday lives both online and offline. Topics include:

  • Tricky people/inappropriate adult behaviours
  • Safe strangers and strangers to avoid
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Being Assertive and Getting help from busy adults
  • Basic self defence
  • Building Strong Communities (Respect, Kindness and Manners)
  • Online Safety
  • Travel Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Injury Prevention
  • Emergencies vs Non-Emergencies
  • Basic First Aid

Children take home My Safe Life – Personal Safety for Kids participant manual and a wallet-sized card of completion.

The Home Alone Safety for Kids program helps children and their families get ready for their child’s first steps towards independence and being without adult supervision. All participants will receive a participant manual and wallet sized certificate card.

This safety program is ideally suited for children aged 9-12 years old. Safety and accident prevention are the common theme throughout the program. The information is relevant and current. Course content includes:

  • Street smarts and bike safety
  • People safety (Stranger danger vs. Safe strangers and “not-so stranger” danger)
  • Online and internet safety
  • Snacking and kitchen safety
  • Home fire safety
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Preventing accidents
  • How to handle emergencies and other situations
  • Basic first aid skills

Innovative digital and traditional gaming techniques provide a fun and positive learning environment. Participants learn valuable life skills to help them make safer choices when on their own.

All participants will receive the Home Alone Safety For Kids manual and wallet-sized certificate of attendance.

Parents too can learn about personal safety. Please visit us on Facebook at and read our blogs on this website.