Whoot, Whoot! Summer Holidays are here!

School’s Out! Happy Summer Holidays!

It’s the last day of school for kids in Ontario communities and they are pumped and ready to enjoy the summer. It’s 10 full weeks of glorious outdoor play, going to summer camps, recreation centres, outdoor pools, visiting friends – what’s not to be excited about!

Children will be out and about, so adults please stay alert on the roads and keep your eyes peeled for inattentive kids running into the street to chase balls, on bikes wearing earbuds and just generally unaware of their surroundings.

We are part of a large village and it is our responsibility to watch out and protect all kids in our communities. Please remind your kids to always let you know where and with whom they are, and to stay alert of what’s around them. And if a child comes to you for help, please listen attentively without being dismissive. Part of building confidence and responsibility in children, is that they feel they can always go to a trusted adult for help when needed. Be that trusted adult for all kids in our large village.

Some of the key people safety messages SOS 4 Kids want children to do understand are:

  • always ask parents or guardians for permission before going anywhere with anybody.
  • don’t accept gifts from adults unless your parent or guardian are ok with it.
  • adults should ask other adults for help or directions, not kids.
  • No! Go! Yell! Tell! are four important words for kids to remember and practice doing.

SOS 4 Kids wants kids to fully enjoy what awaits them this summer and encourages age-appropriate independence for kids.  When kids are empowered with life skills they learn to understand the need to avoid risky behaviours when unsupervised, and they feel confident about their choices and abilities.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!