What Is The Going Rate For A Teen Babysitter In The GTA?

Written by Ann M. Martin, The Baby-Sitters Club is a series of novels that were published between 1986 and 2000. Focused on a group of female tweens who launch their own babysitting business, the book collection has been turned into a graphic novel series as well as a Netflix show.

For many adolescents, becoming a babysitter enables them to both begin earning incomes and learn vital caregiving and life-saving skills. The role also serves as a real-life first-job opportunity.

What wage should you pay your teen babysitter?

According to Babysits.ca, the best way to set a babysitting wage is to follow a three-step process. Step 1 is looking at the minimum wage based on your province. Noting that the federal minimum wage in Canada is $16.65 ($16.55 in Ontario), and for students under 16 in Ontario, it is $15.60. The website also highlights the fact that the average babysitting wage in Canada in 2024 is $18.10. In Toronto, it’s just slightly higher at $18.29. Note that the rate for a babysitter under 16 is likely lower. So how did they get to that number?

That brings us to step 2. There are some important factors about your babysitter to consider. Take into account your potential sitter’s experience and the age of your kids. As well, will your babysitter have added responsibilities to caring for your little ones? We’re talking about household chores, assistance with homework and looking after pets. Also, will your sitter be required to pick up and/or drop off your child? Are there multiple kids to look after?

Step 3 involves a little math. Babysits.ca advises parents to take your province’s minimum wage (or the federal minimum wage if it’s higher) and add 50 cents for each of the extra factors listed above. For example, an experienced babysitter in Toronto who has to care for two kindergarten-aged children, clean up around the house and look after your pet should be paid $19.15 per hour. That’s the sum of $16.65 + $2.50 for the five extra factors.

What do tweens and teens learn in the SOS 4 Kids Babysitter’s Course?

Do you have a child aged 11 to 15 who is looking to become a babysitter? He/she will be well equipped for the job after taking our Babysitter’s Course. Taking place between 8:30am and 3:30pm on the day of the scheduled class, the course gives participants the tools to run a small babysitting business. They learn how to supervise younger siblings or other children in a safe and responsible manner and are also taught basic first aid skills.

Course content includes strategic tips for finding clients; caring for children of varying ages; and developing good decision-making and leadership skills. As well, our Babysitter’s Course places a strong emphasis on safety. As such, participants are taught how to create safe environments and prevent accidents; fire safety and prevention; and what do to in the event of an emergency.

Virtual classes are also available via Zoom if your child is unable to attend an in-person session. The online version of the Babysitter’s Course is offered over three or four sessions. The virtual classes include a digital copy of the Red Cross Babysitting Manual for the duration of the course. Once the course is completed, we will mail out a hard copy of the manual along with your child’s certificate.

Let’s get babysitting!

To sign your child up or to get more information about our Babysitter’s Course, please don’t hesitate to give SOS 4 Kids a call at 1-844-373-1024. You may also email us at [email protected] or fill out the form on our Contact page!